Deborah Sabet

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Deborah Sabet (’05 Fashion Design) District Homme  District Homme is a fashion house that believes in the lost art of tailoring and construction while designing one-of-a kind suits for unique individuals. With design headquarters in downtown L.A. and tailors in

C.W. Moss

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Cole Moss (’11 Communication Arts) Unicorn Industries/Grey Rainbow I’m the chief illustrator, primary concept developer, full-time researcher, and resident fool at Unicorn Industries/Grey Rainbow. I am working to make projects that are for adults, but can be understood by

Ashkahn Shahparnia

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Ashkahn Shahparnia (’06 Fine Arts) ASHKAHN Studio + Company My company, ASHKAHN, specializes in art direction, design, illustration and products like greeting cards, prints, accessories and t-shirts. Starting up There was no way in hell that I wanted a


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Daniel Phillips (’08 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors)
 Kim Karlsrud (’07 Product Design) COMMONstudio Greenaid, a Los Angeles-based social enterprise, makes guerilla gardening efforts easier and more accessible to the general public.  Seedbombs are the weapon of choice -  small nuggets of clay,

Satsuki Shibuya

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Satsuki Shibuya (’07 Communication Arts) Shibuya Designs My escapades thus far have included studying music at the University of Southern California and graphic design at Otis, pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter, delving into hard processes such as pattern

Dolly Davis

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Dolly Davis ’03 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors As Senior Project Designer at Fluidity, a water feature design firm in L.A., I act as a consultant to many architects and landscape architects around the world. My work allows me to develop my knowledge of

Robert Apodaca

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Robert Apodaca (’03 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors) Fifth Floor Gallery Opened in January of 2008, Fifth Floor is a hybrid art/design gallery in the heart of L.A.’s Chinatown. Owner Robert Apodaca’s background in architecture created a space that delights in mixing contemporary